About us

General information: State Unitary Enterprise "Tatarstan Agro-Industrial Center for Investment and Innovation" is a major Tatarstan company which extends credits to manufacturers of agricultural products in the Republic of Tatarstan.

RACIN State Unitary Enterprise is a Republic of Tatarstan Regional Food Foundation operator, responsible for both forming it and using its funding. The strategy of the company’s development occupies an important place in the development of Tatarstan agriculture.

The company engages in the following activities:

  • Procurement, processing, production and trade of agricultural and food products, including foreign trade;
  • Organization of agricultural exhibitions and trade fairs;
  • Organizing scientific, engineering and technological work; introduction of inventions into agriculture;
  • Monitoring the market for agricultural products, raw materials and food; creating an information management system for market entities; market analysis and market forecasting;
  • Providing food security for the Republic of Tatarstan.