Winter rye variety of FSBSI “Tatar Science and Research Institute for Agriculture” golden medal awarded in the contest of Russian agricultural exhibition “Golden Autumn”


The variety of winter rye named “Gift”, developed by the FSBSI “Tatar Science and Research Institute for Agriculture”, is among the first ones in the Russian rye variety selection and is meant for grain fodder and forage. It has a unique genetic characteristic – the low content of water-miscible arabinoxylans and the high content of protein in grain and grist.

The variety has a low viscosity of a grain extraction cake. Owing to the unique grain characteristics, the variety can be included into compound animal feedstuff up to 40%.

The variety has a high lodging resistance and a good wintering ability. On average, within years of testing, the variety has shown a rich grain yield of 4.6 tons/ha and a vegetation period which almost meets standards. In some cases, “Gift” variety has an edge on the standard. It is tolerable to snow mold, resistant to rust and powdery mildew like the standard, and resistant to root rot and ergot even better than the variety named “Tatarstan relay race” by 30-40%.

In 2016 “Gift” variety was included into the State register of selection achievements approved for Middle Volga Region of the Russian Federation.

Within the framework of the 18th Russian agricultural exhibition “Golden Autumn” in Moscow, the variety of winter rye named “Gift” was awarded with the golden medal in nomination of “Selection and seed breeding of grain (winter) crops” of the contest “Development of new varieties and hybrids of agricultural crops”.

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